DATA DEPENDENT: We compared America’s CDC budget with its military budget for the past decade

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With the CDC test kit fiasco, many people have referenced decreased funding. We’ve provided the CDC budgets for the past decade. We’ve also included the Department of Defense budget for comparison. The numbers don’t really tell the whole story, however. For example, while total budget has not decreased dramatically during the Trump Administration, the President has failed to fill key positions in the organization. Also worth noting, the Republican controlled Congress implemented budget sequestration, characterized by across-the-board cuts, in 2013. (NOTE: Each year’s budget is approved during the previous year.)

CDC Budget (Dollars in Thousands)
2010 6,389,442 691,000,000 Barack Obama Democratic Democratic
2011 5,648,970 687,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Democratic
2012 5,655,670 645,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Democratic
2013 5,436,750 578,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Democratic
2014 5,792,542 581,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Democratic
2015 5,998,118 560,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Republican
2016 6,270,745 580,000,000 Barack Obama Republican Republican
2017 6,279,103 606,000,000 Donald Trump Republican Republican
2018 7,204,908 639,000,000 Donald Trump Republican Republican
2019 6,483,983 686,000,000 Donald Trump Democratic Republican
2020 6,823,308 718,000,000 Donald Trump Democratic Republican

We charted the comparison. As far as visualizations go, it’s not very appealing. But that’s because the comparable values are so absurdly lopsided. If you look really hard, you might be able to see the CDC budget in blue.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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