The Daily Dose: Keeping the elderly safe; COVID-19 outbreak causes cancellations of sports and entertainment

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As the COVID-19 outbreak sweeps across Western countries, so do the social, financial, and political effects. U.S. President Donald Trump enacted a unilateral travel ban on all non-American travelers coming from Europe, excluding the United Kingdom. “Sweeping travel bans cascaded around the globe Thursday, walling off countries and even entire continents, keeping people inside their homes, and slowing the engines of commerce to stem the coronavirus pandemic. Markets collapsed with the growing realization that there would be no fast end to the uncertainty.” The day after the president’s televised address, public reaction to it has been far from positive.

COVID-19 fatalities continue to mount. Germany has experienced the fifth coronavirus death and India its first. Meanwhile, the Italian healthcare system is showing signs of buckling as it struggles to contain the biggest outbreak outside of China.

The NBA has suspended its season until further notice. The league was most likely spurred by the fact that a Utah Jazz player, Rudy Gobert, tested positive for the coronavirus. Since then another Jazz player has also tested positive. ( Other sports followed suit with the men’s tennis tour suspending tournaments for six weeks ( and La Liga also suspending the season (

STAT published a very important and useful Q&A with Charlotte Yeh, chief medical officer at AARP, about how to properly care for the elderly and keep them safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s worth the read.

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