DATA DEPENDENT: A graphical look at just how crazy and close the Molcan-Dimitrov U.S. Open match was yesterday.

In a thrilling match that lasted over four hours, Grigor Dimitrov came back from two sets down to defeat Alex Molcan 6-7(9), 6-7(5), 6-1, 7-5, 7-6(9) in the first round of the US Open. Dimitrov saved three match points in the fifth set to complete the comeback. It was the longest match of the tournament so far.

Molcan started the match strongly, taking the first two sets in tiebreakers. However, Dimitrov raised his level in the third set, winning it 6-1. The fourth set was also close, but Dimitrov eventually prevailed 7-5. The fifth set was the most dramatic, with both players trading breaks of serve. Dimitrov saved three match points at 5-2 down, before winning the tiebreaker 9-7.

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It was a remarkable comeback from Dimitrov, who had not won a match since Wimbledon. He will now face Andy Murray in the second round.

Sometimes, numbers and figures don’t completely capture the ups and downs of sporting events. In this case, the Win Probability% graph actually does a pretty good job of capturing the compelling 5-setter. Here it is with Dimitrov in the light green and Molcan in the darker hue.

If you look at the peaks and valleys and see something resembling a roller coaster, it shouldn’t come as any surprise since the match pretty much felt like one.

IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot.

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