DATA DEPENDENT DAILY (MLB): Picking Brandon Crawford over Vlad Jr. and Shohei makes sense.

Minnesota Twins’ Max Kepler put up quality numbers last night as did 2nd place Javier Baez. We feel Pittsburgh Pirates’ Ben Gamel deserves hoborable mention here with 3 hits, 2 of which were round-trippers.

Max Kepler322.6673.417
Javier Baez321.7502.750
Omar Narvaez211.5002.750
Ben Gamel532.6002.600
Jose Rojas431.7502.500

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Detroit Tigers’ Wily Peralta took top spot last night with a solid 7-scoreless inning outing with a respectable 6 Ks to go with it. The Tigers beat the Rangers.

Wily Peralta7.06770.000.429
Kwang Hyun-Kim7.02710.000.714
Kevin Gausman7.08692.570.714
Bailey Ober5.07670.001.000
Tylor Megill5.07641.800.800

Marquee Matchup: Milwaukee Brewers (51-35) (+220) vs New York Mets (44-37) (-265)

Marquee Pitching Matchup: Chris Bassitt (OAK) (9-2; 3.04 ERA) vs Framber Valdez (HOU) (5-1; 2.18 ERA)

Tuesday’s top Tuesday hitter going into this week is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. That said, he’s hitting .296 in his last 7 games. Shohei Ohtani is swinging a borderline cold bat during his last 7 outings at .269. Your best bet for your Daily Fantasy team should be Brandon Crawford who is hitting a very nice .360 during his last 7.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. 50236.4601.434
Brandon Crawford47207.4261.424
Shohei Ohtani41147.3411.304
Ronald Acuna52187.3461.241
Jose Iglesias38143.3681.139

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