STEREO: It’s the New Wave.

By definition, STEREO is sound directed through two or more speakers so that it appears to surround the listener and come from more than one source. From its inception in the 1930s, STEREO sound rapidly brought musical recordings to another level of fidelity as the technology added vital layers to the recording and mixing process. 

This innovation in recording permanently changed how television, movies, commercials, and newscasts could more fully reflect the vibrancy, nuance, and textures in the world. Simply put, recorded media could now sound exactly as it did in real life. It’s safe to say that without STEREO, our favorite songs, jingles, films, and shows wouldn’t resonate in the same way.

To celebrate STEREO, we will provide our readers with special DJ mixes and playlists carefully curated by our editorial staff to showcase the wonders of this technology. We hope you all enjoy and celebrate with us in STEREO. 

WORDS: Greg Cee.

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