MONO: “80 Days of Rain” by Lande Hekt.

THE SONG: 80 Days of Rain.

WHO: Lande Hekt.

WHY IT’S HOT: Took an immediate liking to this song from the very first chords. It kinda takes you and carries you with it. You can ride the guitars and and bass and drums like a wave. It’s a song about missing someone. Note the lyrics: “Is this another string of bad luck?/ Is this just another week where we don’t fuck?/ This is where I think I go insane/ I can’t do this again/ 80 days of rain, 80 days of rain.” (Who hasn’t been there?) It’s also a song about climate change. So it’s a win-win in our book, hey. It also made me want to listen to “Coma Girl” for some odd reason.

WANT MORE? If I’m listening to it, you should as well.

WORDS: brice.

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