The Big Picture: Sketch of London Underground tunnel (1891).

Image taken from The Street Railway Review (1891). Accompanying text reads: “The streets are so crowdedthat the speed of trolley cars would necessarily be veryslow, and in many places the streets are too narrow to per-mit the construction of an elevated road. Hence it wasthought that only an underground line would be adequatefor the conditions. A company was formed in 1887 and abill introduced in Parliament; this was defeated because ofobjections to driving tunnels under the Clyde. Subse-quently permits were granted to construct tunnels forpedestrians and vehicles, and, a precedent having beenformed, the Subway Company was successful in 1889 withits petition to Parliament. The line is tunneled throughout its length of 6| miles andis roughly oval in shape. For the most part the tunnelsare under the streets, as elsewhere a private right of wayhad to be purchased.”

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