The Daily Dose: The mystery of unwanted hysterectomies on migrants in America; Meet the Amazon tribe that beat COVID-19.

After an article was published in the Intercept alleging a slew of unnecessary hysterectomies performed on migrant women in the United States, The Associated Press investigated the allegations further. According to the report, “The AP’s review did not find evidence of mass hysterectomies as alleged in a widely shared complaint filed by a nurse at the detention center. Dawn Wooten alleged that many detained women were taken to an unnamed gynecologist whom she labeled the ‘uterus collector’ because of how many hysterectomies he performed.” The complaint refers to the gynecologist involved as a “uterus collector” who acted repeatedly without consent. There are more questions than answers at this point.

Reuters reports that the European Union has set aside funds to order a ton of COVID-19 vaccines, fearing a possible shortfall come fall. “The possible move by the wealthy EU could weaken a global procurement effort co-led by the World Health Organization and further limit the vaccines available to poorer countries, even though the bloc has publicly championed the sharing of COVID-19 vaccines among the entire global population.” Numerous countries including France and Spain are now reporting more cases than during the Spring.

Next time you barbecue with coal, you might be using illegally produced wood, particularly if you are in Europe. Thanks to Science, new light is being shined on an opaque industry. Per Reuters, “Nearly half of the barbecue charcoal bought in Europe contains wood from tropical and subtropical forests, with little of it certified sustainable, raising fears that some of it is illegally logged. The finding comes from an analysis1 of thousands of charcoal samples, using a pioneering microscopy technique. Scientists also found that many bags of charcoal incorrectly labelled the type of wood inside or failed to mention it at all, lending weight to concerns about their true origin.” This is why we love science as a force for good.

Tribes in the Amazon have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their isolation has exacerbated the damage done by the lack of adequate healthcare options. One tribe, the Tembé, has managed to control their initial outbreak and have been virus free for six months. “The Tembé are the western branch of the Tenetehara ethnicity, located in the Alto Rio Guama Indigenous territory on the western edge of Para state. The virus has infiltrated the lands of dozens of Indigenous groups after they came to nearby cities to trade, buy staples and collect emergency welfare payments from the government.” They invited an Associated Press photographer to document their celebration. Some pretty images in their.

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