The Daily Dose: Environmentalists keep the pressure on multinationals; Israel enters lockdown.

Environmental activists are keeping the pressure on multinational companies to do their part in relieving some of the climate stress their organizations are putting on the planet. According to The Guardian, “A group representing investors that collectively manage more than US$47tn in assets has demanded the world’s biggest corporate polluters back strategies to reach net-zero emissions and promised to hold them to public account… Climate Action 100+, an initiative supported by 518 institutional investor organisations across the globe, has written to 161 fossil fuel, mining, transport and other big-emitting companies to set 30 climate measures and targets against which they will be analysed in a report to be released early next year.” While the global pandemic may have relieved a little bit of pollution during lockdowns, it still isn’t enough and pre-pandemic levels are sure to return in the coming months.

Israel had initial success keeping COVID-19 controlled. It was one of the first nations to ease back to normal and reopen schools across the country. Now, all that is in jeopardy as cases spike and the government set to mandate a new nationwide lockdown. Surely, similar cases will occur around the world as the Fall and Winter months arrive.

Dire warnings are sounding for the COVID-19 situation in Europe. According to France24, “The World Health Organization expects Europe to see a rise in the daily number of Covid-19 deaths in October and November, the head of the body’s European branch told AFP on Monday. ‘It’s going to get tougher. In October, November, we are going to see more mortality,’ WHO Europe director Hans Kluge said, as the continent currently experiences a surge of cases though the number of deaths has remained relatively stable.” By now, everyone knows what’s coming in a matter of weeks. Question is whether governments, politicians, and citizens will heed the warnings public health officials are singing. We aren’t hopeful here.

There are few more compelling arguments for vegetarian diets than the grim conditions in abattoirs and meat processing plants. Even with oversight (very limited mind you), it’s hard to be sure about the condition of meat that makes it through the supply chain. Alarmas are being raised about the state of meat making it to European markets. Per The Guardian, “Diseased meat is being eaten by consumers in the UK and EU, including pus from abscesses and tuberculosis lesions from pigs’ heads, said the European Working Community for Food Inspection and Consumer Protection (EFWFC) this week. The EWFC represents EU meat inspectors.” Obviously, agricultural bodies are denying any problems. But, I mean, obviously.

Thanks for reading. It’s a new week. Let’s be careful out there.

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