SPEED READ: Coronavirus – More Chinese cities on lockdown; U.S. issues travel warning (Update)

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The 2019-nCoV coronavirus crisis in China continues to gather steam at a dizzying and nerve racking pace. Here’s the latest news:

Overnight, the United States issued.guidance for citizens planning to travel to China.

Meanwhile, scenes from Wuhan show infected patients being evacuated to hospitals.

Armed police officers are preventing entry into Wuhan train station.

Hospitals are.overwhelmed and dangerously crowded.

News circulating on Twitter point to an increasingly desperate situation.

People are stocking up on supplies.

But markets are running out of food quickly.

News broke that more cities around Wuhan were being quarantined.

Analysis from various outlets out the current crisis into context.

And #ScienceTwitter offered hot-takes of their own.

And this

It’s a quickly developing story to say the leaat.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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