Home and Away: Predicting Astro’s-Rays Game 4

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The Tampa Bay Rays showed they’re up for a fight last night and will be carrying a bit of confidence. Diego Castillo has been very good at home. He’ll need to be in good form going up against Verlander. We like their chances tonight playing at home and with Verlander on three days rest.

This is how they stack up.

  • Home: 48-33; Away: 48-33
  • Starting pitcher: Diego Castillo Home 5-3; Away 0-5
  • Starting Pitcher ERA/WHIP: Home 3.38/0.98; Away 3.45/1.60
  • Closer: Emilio Pagan Home 9 SV; 15 SVO; WHIP 0.71; 2.75 ERA/ Away 11 SV; 13 SVO; WHIP 0.98; 1.76 ERA
  • Team Hitting: wOBA.321; wRC+ 102; Avg .254
  • Best Hitter: Austin Meadows Home wOBA .364; wRC+ 135; Avg .296/ Away wOBA .395; wRC+ 149; Avg .285
  • Pitcher vs. Best Hitter (Career): Diego Castillo vs Alex Bregman Avg .333; 3 AB; 1 R; 1 H; 1 HR; 2 RBI; 0 SO; 1.666 OPS
  • Misc: Team WAR 48.6;

Justin Verlander demanded the ball for tonight’s game. He senses the danger of heading back to Houston tied up for a one game playoff. He’s not taking chances, except he really is. If the Astros don’t win tonight, their starting rotation will be a mess should they progress past the Rays. On three days rest, nothing is guaranteed, even for him.

This is how they stack up.

  • Home: 60-21; Away: 47-34
  • Starting pitcher: Justin Verlander Home 10-4; Away 11-2
  • Starting Pitcher ERA/WHIP: Home 2.34/0.84; Away 2.82/0.76
  • Closer: Roberto Osuna Home 23 SV; 25 SVO; WHIP 0.84; 2.68 ERA/ Away 15 SV; 19 SVO; WHIP 0.93; 2.57 ERA
  • Team Hitting: wOBA .355; wRC+ 125; Avg .274
  • Best Hitter: Alex Bregman Home wOBA .387; wRC+ 150; Avg .278/ Away wOBA .450; wRC+ 186; Avg .315
  • Pitcher vs. Best Hitter (Career): Justin Verlander vs Austin Meadows Avg .200; 5 AB; 1 R; 1 H; 0 SO; 1.133 OPS
  • Misc: Team WAR 65.5;

Staff pick: Tampa Bay Rays (Going out on a limb, we know…)
Vitamin Cee pick: Houston Astros

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