SCINQ Guide to Baseball Injuries: Hand and wrist injuries

Condition: Of all of the body parts most exposed to physical trauma during the course of a baseball game, the hands and wrists figure most precariously. Batters have little to no protection in the event a pitch runs up and in just far enough to crush the brittle collection of bones linked end to end and forming a hand. Runners hustling to reach base may slide head first (really not the best way) with arms and hands outstretched. When their moving bodies hit the immovable base, it’s asking for a dislocated digit or a fractured wrist. And it is nothing short of a miracle that more fielders escape injury while running and diving to make a catch, only partially in control of how and where their bodies land.

  • Because of the intricate design of the human hand and its attachment to the wrist, specific injuries types are plenty span a spectrum of severity. Hand/wrist injuries include
    • Jammed finger
      Fractured finger
      “Mallet” finger
      Nail bed injury
      Finger dislocation
      Tendon tear
      Wrist bone fracture
      Wrist ligament tear
      Ulnar collateral ligament tear
      Stress fractures

    Symptoms: Generally speaking, injuries to the hand or wrist can show any of the following symptoms

    • Severe pain
    • Swelling
    • Numbness
    • Coldness or grayness in the finger, hand, or wrist
    • Abnormal twisting or bending
    • A clicking, grating, or shifting noise with movement
    • Sometimes bleeding more than 15 minutes.

    Diagnosis: Made by a physician and normally includes x-rays

    Treatment: Treatments run the gamut from buddy taping less severe injuries to corrective surgery followed by a cast.

    Rehab: For serious injuries, a period of rest is the norm, with surgery or without. Only when the injury is completely healed can the player gradually begin training again.

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