The Daily Dose: Stem Cell therapy clears HIV infection again; University of California sticks it to Elsevier

More encouraging results: A study published in the journal Nature reports that a patient with HIV was able to clear the virus from his blood stream after receiving a bone marrow transplant. The donor was chosen specifically because he carried a double mutation on the gene that codes for the CCR5 receptor that HIV relies on to latch onto immune cells. The patient was able to stop taking antiretrovirals. The stem cell technique was first used a decade ago on Timothy Ray Brown, who remains free from the virus.

In and out: Scott Gottlieb, the head of the American Food and Drug Administration during the Trump Administration, has announced his resignation. He has roughly a month to tie up loose ends. As commissioner, Gottlieb was well liked by biotech and pharmaceutical executives.

No thank you, bye: The University of California has broken off talks with the for-profit science publishing firm Elsevier to extend their subscription to their journals. The university cited a “failure to reach an agreement that would lower fees and prioritize open access to its scholars’ work.” The break is part of the school’s push for free access to publicly funded research.

Enabling the anti-vaxxers: The Guardian reports that Amazon appears to be helping fund anti-vaccine not-for-profit organizations through its charity arm, the AmazonSmile Foundation. Numerous prominent anti-vaccine organizations, such as National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Physicians for Informed Consent, Learn the Risk, and Age of Autism, promote AmazonSmile on their sites, while others are eligible for donations. They include American Citizens for Health Choice (ACHC), National Health Freedom Coalition, Michigan for Vaccine Choice, Texans for Vaccine Freedom, A Voice for Choice and the Informed Consent Action Network.

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