Daily Briefing (Oct. 25, 2017)

Pigging out: Another day, another CRISPR innovation makes the rounds. Pigs have been engineered to withstand cold temperatures better. The GMO hogs are much leaner. Great for farmers but not so much for consumers’ taste buds. http://bit.ly/2gCBe85

Double bind: Alleviating poverty and fighting climate change are at odds, according to a study. There are ways of mitigating the environmental effects of giving the poor a better life. “It really kind of depends on what level of poverty we’re OK with,” says one of the researchers. Hmmm. How about none? Just a thought. http://bit.ly/2xnso4I

Giving back: Humans lost a lot of DNA when they swept out of Africa during that great diaspora. Turns out, sex with Neanderthals brought back a big chunk of lost gene variants. Can we stop knocking them now? http://bit.ly/2h8wGHd

It’s broked: In case you haven’t heard, Stephen Hawking’s Cambridge doctoral thesis went online. Titled, Properties of Expanding Universes, the compelling read duly broke the internet. http://bit.ly/2z5zeAu

Tesla Puerto Rico: Solar cell-storage battery companies, most notably Tesla, have done some good work getting power back to parts of Puerto Rico. Elon Musk’s company brought renewable energy to Hospital del Niño. Much more is needed to address the crisis there, unfortunately. http://bit.ly/2gGeOX0

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