Friday Morning Briefing (U.S. Edition)

Mounting Evidence: GW Pharma received a significant vote of confidence for its cannabis-derived epilepsy drug, Epidiolex. The New England Journal of Medicine published updated results its Phase 3 results. Experts are hailing it as the “first real data” regarding medical cannabinoid treatment of epilepsy. Seems it has BLOCKBUSTER written all over it.

Medical Device Insecurity: A recent survey highlighted the fact that only 17% of device makers actively ensure the cyber security of their products. Only 9% say they test their products annually. After the attack on healthcare facilities in the UK, it represents a worrying trend.

Ray of Hope: Researchers in Japan have devised new catalysts capable of breaking the long-chain aside bonds that make plastic recycling difficult. Maybe there’s hope for a future devoid of plastic?

Big Data: The Chinese Academy of Sciences is spearheading the construction of a $23 million data center to support their Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope. It’s a solid investment that underscores the country’s commitment to joining the big leagues.

Dog Days: The earliest evidence of canine breeding has been found among the remains of ancient dog bones from Zhokhov Island in Russia. The animals were bred to pull sleds, not play fetch.

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