THE ABSTRACT: “North Woods” is Daniel Mason’s magnum opus and a testament to his genius.

In the literary cosmos of Daniel Mason, North Woods (Random House) emerges as a resplendent testament to the intricate weave of historical narrative and mythical allure, reminiscent of the arresting charm of his previous works, including the lauded 2020 collection, “A Registry of My Passage Upon the Earth.” The novel unfurls in the raw, unchartered terrains of colonial New England, tracing the odyssey of a young couple, rebels in love, fleeing the austere gaze of their Puritan village. They venture into the wilderness, birthing a narrative that stretches across three centuries, all centered around a singular yellow house – a silent custodian of time and tales.

Mason’s storytelling prowess is nothing short of a high-wire act, a kaleidoscope that melds varied forms – letters, poems, diary entries, botanical illustrations – into a vibrant tapestry depicting life around this house. This is not mere historical fiction; it’s an alchemy of narrative forms, a nod to Mason’s profound knowledge in areas as divergent as pre-modern fruit farming and folk medicine. It’s a narrative that dances on the edge of the past and the present, with language that morphs from the archaic to the contemporary, mirroring the relentless march of time.

Amidst this narrative tapestry, the yellow house stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the natural world, a protagonist in its own right. The house witnesses a cavalcade of characters – from Charles Osgood, a Revolution-era Loyalist with a zeal for apples, to his daughters, Mary and Alice, whose lives unravel in tragic jealousy. We witness an array of human dramas – war, murder, scams, joy, and love – all unfolding within or around the house’s walls. Mason’s narrative is a labyrinth of human experiences, set against the backdrop of nature’s eternal, indifferent progression.

North Woods is a narrative enigma, laced with themes of illicit desire, madness, and the occult, juxtaposed against the persistent throbbing of the natural world. It is as if Mason, with the precision of a surgeon and the insight of a psychiatrist, dissects the human condition, laying bare its intricacies and ephemerality. The novel’s chapters, akin to found historical documents, resonate with a poignant authenticity, from the delicate correspondence between a painter and a poet to the unsettling case notes of a schizophrenic resident.

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Mason’s characters are not mere figments; they are flesh and blood, each with their own labyrinthine psyche. There’s the apple-obsessed orchardist, his daughters torn by sibling rivalry, a closeted naturalist painter, and a slew of others, all intricately connected across time and space. Each character, each story arc, is a brushstroke in this grand mural of life and history.

In this literary odyssey, Mason’s narrative is akin to a dance, fluid yet precise, meandering yet purposeful. The novel, with its array of texts and images, could easily have descended into chaos, but Mason, like a masterful conductor, orchestrates this complexity with an effortless grace. The diversity of storytelling, far from being overwhelming, imbues the narrative with a dynamism and depth, a daring exploration into the vast potentials of the novel form.

North Woods is not just a story; it’s a symphony of the human condition, our fleeting existence, and the enduring legacy of the natural world. Mason’s narrative is a celebration of life in all its forms – the cosmic and the intimate, the joyous and the sorrowful. It’s a reflection on the relentless march of time and nature, a tapestry where human experiences, supernatural elements, and the inexorable forces of nature converge.

North Woods is a magnum opus, a novel that transcends the confines of traditional storytelling. It is a testament to Mason’s literary genius, his ability to weave a narrative that is as multifaceted and magical as the ever-transforming house at its center. This is not just a novel; it’s a literary journey that immerses the reader in the complexities of life, nature, and time, a journey that, once embarked upon, leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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