50 States of Science: The Maine Discovery Museum is an electric hive of wonder and learning.

Maine isn’t just another notch on the belt of America; it’s the wild, untamed frontier where the soul of this nation breathes freely. From the rugged, jagged coastline haunted by the ghosts of ancient mariners to the deep, dark woods where nature’s law is the only code—Maine is the beating, frenetic heart of genuine America. It’s not a state; it’s an experience. Every lobster claw, every pine needle, every haunting echo of a loon on a still lake is a testament to its raw, unfiltered essence. While the rest of the world succumbs to the insidious creep of urban monotony, Maine stands defiant—a bastion of authenticity in a sea of plastic pretense. Visiting Maine isn’t just a trip; it’s a pilgrimage for the restless spirit seeking truth, madness, and a touch of the untamed wilderness. And of course, it’s got a science museum for the ages. Here’s to the Maine Discovery Museum.

NUTSHELL:  If you ever find yourself twisted by the winds of fate in the midst of Bangor, Maine, amidst the scent of freedom and a hint of madness, there’s a beacon in the storm – the Maine Discovery Museum. This isn’t your ordinary child’s playground; no, it’s an electric hive of wonder and raw learning, sprawled across three floors. You think you know Maine? Dive into its natural chaos, experiment with arts that’d make a bat’s eyes spin, or uncover the mysteries of ancient bones from a time when giants walked the earth. If you’re hungry for a trip down the rabbit hole of enlightenment, let your freak flag fly and wander into this realm of wonder. Beware: curiosity might just swallow you whole.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Science – Everyone’s inalienable right. The perfect t-shirt for the questioning class.

THE NUT: In their own words: “The Maine Discovery Museum helps people of all ages to discover the world around them through creative exploration and science.”

NOW SHOWING: In the wild, turbulent halls of the Maine Discovery Museum, a carnival of exhibits awaits, each more deranged and enlightening than the last. First, you’ll stumble upon the Dino Dig—a savage trip back in time where you dig your hands into the very guts of prehistory, pulling out fossils and the tales of monstrous lizards that once ruled this planet. Then, brace yourself for the River Race, a mad experiment with boats and water, teaching the recklessness of nature and the lunacy of fluid dynamics in ways textbooks could never manage. Dive into the Nature Trails exhibit, a vicious crash course in Maine’s unpredictable wilderness, full of critters and plants that would as soon sting you as look at you. And the Sounds Abound? Pure auditory chaos, my friend, a deep dive into the screaming abyss of sound science. Every twist and turn in this place offers a frenzied lesson, a manic exploration into the deranged psyche of knowledge itself. Strap in; it’s a wild ride.

COMING SOON: In the wild heart of the Maine Discovery Museum, there’s a mad revolution afoot, a chaotic transformation dubbed the “RIVER IN MY BACKYARD”. This isn’t some half-baked remodel; it’s the most anarchic change since ’01. Right now, they’re smack in the throes of the third act of a five-part psychedelic dance. The kickoff was a tumultuous ripping apart of ancient exhibits, relics from 22 years ago, unearthing the rotten skeletons of structural damage. Then came the brutal rebirth, where the scars of decades-old water wars were mended. Phase three? A deep dive into the museum’s underground – a clandestine pool affair, with some electric mojo thrown in. And looming on the horizon is the grand design of Phase 4, where local Maine rebels are joining forces for an exhibit that’ll blow minds. Museum ventures? They’re not for the faint-hearted; they’re a trip.

GEOGRAPHY SPECIFIC: The Nature Trails exhibit at the Maine Discovery Museum isn’t just some limp, dull display; it’s a savage and unfiltered dive into the wild underbelly of Maine’s tangled green. It drags you by the collar, tossing you into a world where Mother Nature is the ringmaster. As you navigate this labyrinth, you’re hit with the hallucinatory essence of Maine’s wilderness—every leaf, every chirp, every damned insect seems to whisper tales of raw, unbridled nature. It’s not merely a walk in the woods; it’s a fever dream. While the square world outside drones on, here you’re thrust into a masterclass of Maine’s ecosystem, its beauty, its chaos. The exhibit isn’t just an educational pitstop; it’s a riotous celebration, a frenzied dance with nature. Strap in and prepare for a wild trek through Maine’s beating heart, no drugs required.



74 Main Street
Bangor, ME 04401

$10 per person
$8.50 seniors/military
Free for MEMBERS

Monday – Closed
Tuesday 10 AM – 5 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday 10 AM – 5 PM
Friday 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday – Closed for general admission

​Last admission: 4:30 PM

WORDS: Earnest Hutton (aka the Man of a Thousand Voices aka @earnesthutton).

IMAGE CREDIT: John Phelan.

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