FOOD EXPEDITIONS: These Filipino Snacks Will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again.

Food, even just snacks, have an inherent power to bring back memories of the good old days. It can transport you back to memories of impatiently waiting for the recess bell to ring so you can feast on your baon (meaning packed food), playing under the hot sun with your friends during break times, or just sharing some precious time chatting about the next class.

Here are some of the most iconic Filipino snacks every kid from the 90s and early 2000s still in production today that will definitely bring you back to your childhood days at first bite (and sip!).


Easily the most accessible snack there is during summer, as every Filipino mom would often stack their freezers of this refreshing treat. Often home made, ice candies come in a variety of flavors such as coconut, mango, Milo, and even cantaloupe. These can also be found sold in stores and supermarkets with a plastic opening that you have to twist hard with your teeth to open them – but most likely, your mom already has this homemade frozen treat.


Two brands of wafer sticks that everyone loves and could (but probably shouldn’t!) finish off in one sitting. Stick-O and SuperStix is beloved by everyone who loves the crunchy, chocolatey goodness in a bite. Some would even dip these wafers in a cold glass of milk and sip it through the wafer like a straw. These delectable wafer sticks come in various flavors and in extra small, solo sizes and the bigger sharing ones.

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Its tagline, “my chocolatey buddy” was not just a marketing gimmick. Almost every child in the 2000s’ packed snacks were paired with this delicious chocolate drink. At some point, they even made the straws of this drink with four punched holes, giving you the experience of being “blasted” with chocolatey goodness.


Simple yet truly iconic, these bite sized biscuits topped with colorful meringue or “gems” are easy to take a hold of in every sari-sari store. Whether it be for a quick break or a movie time snack, iced gems have always been a childhood companion throughout the years since they were an affordable way to satisfy your hunger.


You’d think that a small stick of sweet cream paste would be absolutely weird, but package it in small plastic single servings and flavor it with chocolate and boom! You get a treat that’s quite hard to beat. Some even squeeze these on top of their cookies, biscuits, and other candies to get an extra mouthful of sweet goodness.


Every first timer trying this candy will definitely cough up, because eating MikMik can be quite a challenge. It basically is powdered milk that you sip with a straw, which can be very dry for one’s throat but is enjoyable once you get the hang of it. It’s sweet and fun to eat, what more could a kid ask for?


Chocolate and peanuts in one snack? Definitely a great combo. These have been around for so long that even our parents are taken back to their younger days when they have these.  Sweet and nutty, these small, brittle candy bars are an instant pick me up or energy boost for every kid who needs a sugar rush while running around playing tag with their friends.

WORDS: Patricia Leuterio.

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