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DAILY DOSE: On this Earth Day, keep the world’s plastic pollution problem in your thoughts; There’s a global hepatitis outbreak among kids.


It’s Earth Day so Happy Earth Day! Obviously, there’s a barrage of environment-themed articles and events everywhere you look. The Associated Press chose a photo gallery dedicated to solid pollution around the world. It’s a topic that words really don’t do justice. Seeing the amount of trash in the world and some people living in the middle of it is striking. Per the AP, ‘Every year, 11.2 tons of solid waste is generated, and decay of the organic parts of such waste contribute to 5% of global greenhouse emissions every year, according to the United Nations Environmental Programme. Garbage is found as deep as it is widespread: biologists told the Associated Press earlier this year that plastic pollution is found in the ‘deepest ocean trenches’ and the amount found in Earth’s oceans could rise for decades. The coronavirus pandemic has worsened the world’s plastic waste woes, research shows.’” Forget climate change for a moment. One day there may be so much waste on the planet that we’ll have no choice but to colonize the nearest exoplanet… Or terraform Mars.


There is a worrying outbreak of hepatitis among children in countries around the world. Per Reuters, “Health authorities around the world are investigating a mysterious increase in severe cases of hepatitis – inflammation of the liver – in young children… More than 130 cases have been identified, with the majority in Britain, which has reported 108 cases since January. Other countries including the United States, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain have also reported smaller numbers of cases. Mild paediatric hepatitis is not unheard of, but the cases first raised the alarm in Scotland, on April 6, because children were very sick. Several have even needed liver transplants.” Of course, there’s a new outbreak. It’s just what the world needs while still grappling with Covid-19.


Countries in Asia are making significant moves to relax their Covid-19 restrictions, regardless of where they are in their anti-Covid campaigns. Thailand will no longer test in-coming visitors beginning in May, something that will undoubtedly boost their languishing tourist industry.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, public health officials have removed restrictions on gathering in groups.

And Hong Kong is set to allow non-residents to visit for the first time since 2020.

Happy Earth Day! Thanks for reading. Let’s be careful out there.

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