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DAILY DOSE: Young children’s social skills suffered during pandemic; Covid-19 scientists catching heaps of abuse.


It has been abundantly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic’s influence extends beyond just the physical manifestation of the disease. Mitigation measures have caused social and psychological harm. The latest group to be identified as having suffered negatively are young children. Per The Guardian, “An increasing number of young children have been left unable to understand facial expressions after having fewer opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills during the pandemic, the education watchdog for England has said. Amanda Spielman, Ofsted’s chief inspector, said the worst affected were the most vulnerable children, with those living in smaller homes without gardens typically spending more time on screens during successive lockdowns, which also resulted in delays in learning to walk and crawl.” Wholly agree. That said, children are a resilient bunch in the long run. Most should catch up without a problem. https://bit.ly/3x33rgz


Yet another survey of scientists who deal with Covid-19 adds to the growing research indicating that they have been subject to ridiculous amounts of abuse from armchair experts. Per Nature, “Two surveys of scientists’ experiences of harassment during the pandemic, from personal insults to death threats, suggest a dispiriting, if unsurprising, trend: researchers with greater news-media prominence are more likely to be harassed. In March, Science’s news team reported that 38% of researchers who have published multiple papers on COVID-19 said they had experienced at least one type of harassment related to their COVID-19 work. ‘You just get overwhelmed by the hate,’ epidemiologist Tara Smith at Kent State University in Ohio told Science.” It’s not surprising. People really need to do better. https://go.nature.com/3uVcM7k


Countries take their borders very seriously, just as they do their exclusive economic zones. Any resources that can be found in their EEZ technically belong to them. That’s why governments are so protective of their fishing waters and are willing to go to great lengths to protect it. It happens a lot unfortunately and things seem to be coming to a head. Per the Associated Press, “Around the world, from Sri Lanka to Argentina to the South China Sea, the ocean has become an expanding front in the armed conflict between nations over illegal fishing and overfishing, practices that deplete a vulnerable food source for billions of people worldwide. Jessica Spijkers, a researcher for Australia’s national science agency, found a rise in global fishing conflicts when she studied a four-decade period ending in 2016. Conflicts this century, she said, often involved claims of illegal and overfishing. Her analysis included nonviolent disputes that sometimes precede the outbreak of violence.” https://bit.ly/3x33k4D


The U.S. government has finally released its report regarding the circumstances of construction crews damaging one of the greatest dinosaur fossil areas in the country. Per the Associated Press, “Dinosaur tracks from 112 million years ago have been damaged in southeastern Utah by heavy machinery used to rebuild a boardwalk at the popular tourist area, U.S. officials say. The damage at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite is minor but some footprints had fractures around the rims, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management recently said in a report. The agency also said an area where a prehistoric crocodile crossed a mud flat appeared to have been driven over multiple times by a backhoe, causing fracturing, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. The site is considered among the most important dinosaur track areas in the nation, containing tracks from at least 10 different species.” Great job all around. It takes next level carelessness to destroy such a significant and well known site. https://bit.ly/3J12bgp

Thanks for reading. Let’s be careful out there.

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