The Daily Dose: COVID-19 vaccine inequalities a remnant of neocolonialism, says former British PM.

The former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, penned an interesting opinion piece in which he accuses neocolonialism thought of being partially responsible for the COVID-19 vaccine inequalities currently plaguing the world. According to the article in the Guardian, “Compared with the swift development of the pathbreaking Covid vaccines, getting shots into all the world’s arms should be straightforward. But vaccine nationalism – and Europe’s neocolonial approach to global health – is dividing the world into rich and protected people, who live, and those who are poor, unprotected and at risk of dying.” he goes on to propose a few steps more developed Nations can take to fix the problem.

If the streams of covid-19 misinformation seem to be never-ending, it might be because it is. An article in the Associated Press takes a look at the newest battleground of covid-19 distortions. “Videos of local government meetings have emerged as the latest vector of COVID-19 misinformation, broadcasting misleading claims about masks and vaccines to millions and creating new challenges for internet platforms trying to balance the potential harm against the need for government openness. The latest video to go viral features a local physician who made several misleading claims about COVID-19 while addressing the Mount Vernon Community School Corporation in Fortville, Indiana, on Aug. 6. In his 6-minute remarks, Dr. Dan Stock tells the board that masks don’t work, vaccines don’t prevent infection, and state and federal health officials don’t follow the science.” After a while, it gets really really exhausting, doesn’t it?

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If your coffee tastes like cardboard in a few years you can blame climate change. An article in Reuters describes how climate change is causing coffee producers to shift from delicate but more flavorful beans to more durable beans that don’t quite taste as good. According to the article, “Coffee leader Brazil is turning to stronger and more bitter robusta beans, which are hardier in the heat than the delicate arabica, in a sign of how climate change is affecting global markets – and shaping our favourite flavours. Brazil is the world’s biggest producer of arabica, yet its production has stayed largely flat over the last five years. Meanwhile its output of cheaper robusta – generally grown at lower altitudes and viewed as of inferior quality – has leapt and is attracting more and more international buyers, new data shows.” The expansion is challenging Vietnam’s longstanding robusta dominance.

Everyone’s had problems with autocorrect in gone Rogue, and that includes scientists. According to an article in nature, there are some serious implications when it comes to Scientific publishing.“Embarrassing autocorrect mistakes are common fodder for Internet listicles and Twitter threads. But they are also the bane of geneticists using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. Five years after a study showed that autocorrect problems were widespread, the academic literature is still littered with error-riddled spreadsheets, according to an analysis of published gene lists. And the problem may be even worse than previously realized.” Unfortunately, it appears as if it’s the scientists will have to adapt to Excel and not the other way around.

Space travel first seems to be coming at a furious clip these days. Another is just around the corner. Per space com, “On Sept.15, four people will become astronauts when they strap into a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and blast off of planet Earth. The crew, led by Jared Isaacman, a billionaire entrepreneur from New Jersey (who bankrolled the flight), will make history on their Inspiration4 flight, which will be the first crewed spaceflight to travel around Earth without professional astronauts on board. And, since the crew was selected earlier this year, they have been hard at work training for this moment that is just weeks away.” Amazing.

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