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The Daily Dose: Woman claims to be a sovereign nation in order to avoid COVID-19 restrictions.

New York City is the first city in the United States to implement strict COVID-19 rules for indoor activities. Everyone must show proof of vaccination if they want to enjoy certain activities. For some it’s a step too far. However, challenging it in court may not have much merit. Per the Associated Press, “Law professor Scott Burris, the director of Temple University’s Center for Public Health Law Research, said while legal challenges are possible, there is probably enough precedent for New York City’s impending vaccination rules to pass muster with courts. ‘It’s really like a no shirt, no shoes, no service thing,’ he said. Proof of vaccinations would be added to the list of conditions necessary to receive service.”

Italy has become the latest country to implement the use of COVID-19 “passports” as a way of proving vaccination status. Per the Guardian, “The pass, which is an extension of the EU’s digital Covid certificate, is required to be served indoors at restaurants and to enter stadiums, museums, theatres, cinemas, exhibition centres, swimming pools and gyms. From 1 September, the pass will be mandatory for teachers and university students and to travel on trains, planes, ferries and long-distance coaches. It is available to those who have had at least one vaccine dose and to anyone who has recently recovered from Covid-19 or who presents proof of a negative test before accessing any of the activities under restriction.”

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After last week’s space accident at the International Space Station, both NASA and Roscosmos  appear eager to put the mishap behind them. Per, “Both Roscosmos and NASA have stated that there doesn’t appear to be any damage caused by the incident, and the astronauts on board the station were never in danger. Additionally, Roscosmos has now shared that “specialists” will further look into the event and the possible implications that it might have. Roscosmos’ director of crewed space programs, Sergei Krikalev, emphasized in an interview on Russian state television that ‘it’s up to specialists to assess how we have stressed the station and what the consequences are’.”

Proving that people will go to any lengths to get around COVID-19 restrictions, a woman in Australia made dubious declaration upon being arrested for refusing to comply. “A woman accused of refusing to check in at a store in Canberra’s south tells the ACT Magistrates Court that she is exempt from public heath orders because she is a “sovereign state”. Elvira Shagabuddinova, who told the court her last name was actually Useinova, is facing three charges, including trespass and failing to comply with a health direction without a reasonable excuse. Last week Ms Shagabuddinova was arrested after she allegedly failed to check in at a Tuggeranong store, despite multiple requests from staff and police.” That God it’s Friday, I say.

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