MONO: “Straight to Hell (Alt. Extended version)” by The Clash.

THE SONG: Straight to Hell (Alt. Extended version).

WHO: The Clash.

WHY IT’S HOT… This song is the sound of a band at its creative best. Topper Headon’s percussion is mesmerizing. Joe Strummer’s melancholy lyrics rail against injustice – miners in England, abandoned Amer-Asian kids in Vietnam, Puerto Rican immigrants in NYC. Proof that songs about social justice can sound amazing. “Straight to Hell” was recorded in Electric Lady Studios on 8th street IN the Village. In this version, Strummer name drops Alphabet City, now normally referred to as the East Village. We prefer Loisaida ourselves.

WANT MORE? “Straight to Help” was released as a double A-side with “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”. The video is amazing. Catches a special time in NYC history.


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