MONO: The Clientele’s “Reflections After Jane.”

THE SONG: “Reflections After Jane.”

WHO: The Clientele.

WHY IT’S HOT… Warm and wistful. Hushed and harmonic. Echoes of the most delicate Velvet Underground. The Clientele’s debut album came out when Radiohead was on its polyphonic rise and engineers tried to make them sound like them (as if that was possible). The f**k the band resisted. The result: this muted but gorgeous ode to who-knows-what. (Someone on a bulletin board suggested, “‘Reflections after Jane’ referring to the reflective state following smoking pot (Mary Jane). He’s in awe of natural or physical beauty, unable to connect with the people who surround him – merely counting the workers rather than identifying with each or any of them.” Not sure that solves the mystery but hey, sounds good here.)

WANT MORE? Check out… The entire reissued album, Suburban Light.


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