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REEDSY REVIEW: All Things Coffee.

All Things Coffee by Farnaz Calafi


All Things Coffee speaks to those who see coffee, not only as an enticing beverage, but also as a muse! This book is a collection of writings that capture the historical, cultural, health and social justice aspects of coffee, as well as fun facts and recipes.


This book was like the coffee encyclopedia. It was a really fun read! I enjoyed learning more about the history of coffee as much as I enjoyed the fun facts and quizzes. I really resonated with the ’12 signs you may be a coffeeholic’ section, honestly (LOL)! This book was full of great photos, recipes, historical facts, photographs, and even some coffee-themed poems that are perfect for any coffee aficionado! 

I enjoyed learning more about the conditions female coffee workers face on a daily basis, what ‘fair trade coffee’ really means, and about the history of how coffee has been cultivated and brewed since the 15th century. Like, did you know that Yemini Sufi’s would “drink the dark beverage for spiritual intoxication and stayed up all night to seek divine purification”? How cool is that! 

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WORDS: Amanda Abend

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