MONO: Scattershot (Ghost Recon Remix) ft. Kool G. Rap.

THE SONG: Scattershot (Ghost Recon remix) Featuring Kool G. Rap

WHO: Tajai (Souls of Mischief/HEIRO), The Architect,  Kool G. Rap

WHY IT’S HOT: Can be summed up succinctly as hard drums and even harder verbals. Refreshing Boom Bap appeal with a touch of flavor from The Town via frenetic and venomous bars from the HEIRO Sensei and Corona, Queens’ own Kool Genius of Rap. This is a throwback in the most refreshing sense of the word. Two top tier lyricists plying their trade over a pounding sound bed makes you reminisce on the days our rappers used to enunciate. Beautiful stuff.

WANT MORE?: Tajai is putting the finishing touches on a full-length project. In the meantime, enjoy this one here:

WORDS: GregCee aka Slick Flair

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