DIGITAL UNDERGROUND: Florida Rapper Dreams of Love, Life, and Success.

The term “dreamer” hasn’t always been a positive in the world of hip-hop. This designation has typically been used to denote performers whose material is defined by an air of flightiness, content that fluctuates in and out of reality, and more often than not, contains takes on life that are guided and powered by the want of something unattainable.

The pensive and ponderous nature of the ”dreamer” has also historically played the idealistic foil against the “doer”, guised as the urban anti-hero, dope boy/street thug. Where the “dreamer” ruminates about the ups and downs in life, the doer confronts and overcomes life’s pitfalls by any means necessary. To the victor goes the spoils and in our world that means the girls, grip, and the glory go to the corner boy while the philosopher gets rewarded with accolades and waves of influence recognized by posterity.

That said, Fort Lauderdale rapper Chubbs the Dreamer is here to dispel any negative connotations associated with his chosen rap moniker by delivering thoughtful, reality-based solutions via songs. Packing an infectious flow that oozes with a subtle Southern/Caribbean charm (shout to my Zoes!), vivid and thought provoking wordplay, and themes etched and birthed in the concrete; Chubbs the dreamer delivers songs that will rock the boulevard to the boardroom, the trap to the church, and delivers street sermons that both the young and old will appreciate.

Chubbs first opened eyes at the top of 2020 with the launch of his “Leftover Series” project . These monthly drops helped showcase an eye for songwriting that vividly captures the nuances of fatherhood, the daily struggle, and the dreams (there’s that word again) that success in the music industry would help Chubbs and his team actualize. He met with super producer and hip-hop legend $ha Money XL earlier this year and began working closely on his official debut.

One of their bangers “W.O.W” has gained traction and is doing quite well on streaming platforms, providing the perfect set up for his debut 2021 EP “Just Because”. SCINQ Digital Underground recently had a chance to speak with Chubbs and get more insight into his musical background, process working with a hip-hop legend, and his dreams(I know, I know) for the future.

Tell me a lil bit about your musical background and the road you took to get to this point.

My love for hip-hop was instant. It stems from my Haitian upbringing and growing up listening to my cultural music Kompa. Hip Hop became my go-to for expressing myself. I started to write and became a student of every aspect of hip hop. When the opportunity came to be managed and create music at a high level, I was ready. 

How did you meet $ha Money XL? What was the path to him like?

I met $ha Money through my manager Jason Keepler CEO of Purple Rope Ent. He saw that my skill and dedication had grown, and I was ready for the next step. We took a trip to New York and he introduced us. The rest is history. Honestly, it was a real smooth path. Jason already had a real working relationship and friendship with $ha Money, so it made things more fluid. $ha Money and I quickly connected and began to create together.

Your bio and lyrics emphasize a grounded nature not found in contemporary hip hop artists. Where does this come from and was this by design?

It’s all intentional, by design. When I began this journey, I knew I had to be authentic. In every song and project roll out, myself and my team work hard to create impact. Being inspired by many of the greats such as Biggie, Trick Daddy, 2-Pac, Jay-Z & Outkast, continues to challenge me to maintain an intentional and impactful voice for generations to come.  

Where do you get your inspiration and concepts from?

I’m inspired everyday by the people I see, the places I’ve been and honestly day-to-day life experiences. It’s real life, from being a father amazed by my two daughters to being harassed by the cops. All the concepts are Inspired by true events.

How has it been working with such a legendary figure like $ha Money XL? What kind of information or advice have you absorbed from him?

$ha Money XL is the realest EVER! It’s a blessing working with a producer of his caliber who has helped shape the careers of household names such as G-unit, 2Chainz, Big K.R.I.T, Yo Gotti, Bobby Shmurda and countless others. 

Honestly, it’s exciting and humbling all at once. I have the privilege of working with him and seeing how he conducts himself. This speaks volume to his character and professionalism. We all know that actions speak louder than words.  But if I can capture one piece of advice that he consistently say’s “Be yourself, this industry will try to rip you apart but if you remain yourself and keep a solid core you’ll succeed further than you can imagine.”. 

Can fans of the “W.O.W” single expect a full-length project soon?

Yes! I have lots of music coming… Very soon. It all starts off with my Mix Tape “Left Over Series” dropping this month on Oct 23rd. Fans will have to wait to hear my full-length project and debut EP “Just Because” on the top of 2021. In the meantime, people can listen to my current single, “W.O.W” produced by the one and only $ha Money XL on all media platforms.

What’s in the future outside of music for Chubbs the Dreamer?

There are lots of creative projects that I would love to dive into outside of music. Writing is one of my favorite parts of music and hip hop and I hope to do it soon via scriptwriting. 

Right now, however, focus is impacting and inspiring my community through my music. The best part of all of this is the amazing team that I have the privilege to work with. You can expect many great things from me for the rest of this year, 2021 and many years to come.

For more information on Chubbs The Dreamer check out his official site or the Purple Rope Entertainment or follow him on Twitter @cthedreamer3 or peep him on Insta @cthedreamer3.

WORDSMITH: Greg Cee aka Slick Flair

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