REEDSY REVIEW: Adaptive Consequences.

Adaptive Consequences by Lucy L. Austin


“My whole life it’s tormented me, Dr Xie, and I need to know. Why did my mother kill herself?”

The year is 2037, on the wrong side of climate catastrophe.

Jun Xie is a neuroscientist at one of the United Adaptive’s labs. She’s studying a woman who possesses exceptional capabilities, what they call Pre-Emptive Perception – ‘knowing’ things before they happen. Jun’s on the cusp of a breakthrough until the woman takes her own life.

Twenty-five years later, no longer a neuroscientist but an anxious lecturer and mother, Jun’s forced to confront the past and that observation when the subject’s daughter hunts her down and won’t leave her alone.

The truth’s more disturbing than Jun could ever imagine, but someone’s determined that she’ll never find out. Can she stop them before they stop her?

An insidious thriller set against the devastating effects of climate change, Adaptive Consequences is perfect for dystopia and corporate conspiracy fans.


Austin’s debut novel is a disturbing dystopian thriller that gives a premise to the idea of what the world would be like if microchips embedded in the human body by the government was standard across the board. In addition to an environmental crisis, main character Dr. Jun Xie is studying pre-emptive perception – something that deals with “knowing” things before they happen. This could be compared to today’s concept of premonition in the paranormal/supernatural world. Dr. Xie is studying a woman that shows this ability, trying to determine if there is a biological component that could be measured and repeated in other test subjects. While she is on the verge of a breakthrough with her study, the woman in question ends up committing suicide, and Dr. Xie’s study abruptly ends…

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WORDS: Leelynn Brady

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