MLB Simulated Game of the Day: Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Braves

The Teams




Miami Marlins Sixto Sanchez
Wins 3
Losses 2
ERA 2.75
Avg. FPPG (DK) 18.48
Atlanta Braves Max Fried
Wins 7
Losses 0
ERA 1.96
Avg. FPPG (DK) 19.05

Key matchups:

Marlins batters have a decent history against Max Fried. Jorge Alfaro is hitting .600 AVG, Brian Anderson is hitting .333 AVG, Lewis Brinson is hitting .667 AVG, and Starling Marte is hitting .667 AVG.

Player Graphs

The Line (Money/Run/Total Runs)

Sim results

Atlanta Braves (4.3) defeats Miami Marlins (3.5)



IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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