Gene Eating (Review): Genetics and dieting the right way

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These days, fad diets come and go like the seasons. Gene Eating (Pegasus Books) by Dr. Giles Yeo serves as a much needed “anti-diet” book. In an age when trust is greater than truth and misinformation runs amok in the news, the world has over 20 diet regimes that cycle through the media every year.

Starting with the origins of food, Dr. Yeo surveys decades of food history to argue fact versus fiction, whether it’s about dieting, media propaganda or marketing strategies. In his 352 page book, he explores in excruciatingly brilliant details, facts that are eye-opening and are difficult to dispute. dispute

Argued with science and physiology, Dr. Yeo seeks to implore our understanding of the human body and it’s physiological functions. With all the misinformation about science utilized by the makers of multi-million dollars diets, Dr. Yeo bthe discussion back to genetics and the  insights that only science can offer.

Dr. Yeo’s knowledge of the subject shines throughout this book. His approach to dieting by forcing the concept of an “anti-diet” lifestyle is a refreshing. He discusses the science of obesity and highlights the gaps in knowledge behind all the hottest diet trends out there today.

Sections within the book itself dive deeper into stories as Dr. Yeo prompts us with questions throughout, engaging the reader in a way that makes the material easier to grasp. He carefully removes the confusion and propaganda behind diets with humor and blunt details. Every chapter builds of the other and offers a fresh.take on food science.

Gene Eating is an outstanding read and will fascinate anyone who picks up the book. It is a must read to understanding the human appetite and how we can overcome the diet traditions that have been running our lives. For anyone who thinks that dieting trends are the answer to the healthier, sexier version of yourself, this books makes us swallow the facts, highlight the importance of genetics, and forces us to realize that the key to a healthier self is taking care of your portion sizes and understanding your relationship with the food you consume. Gene Eating promises to transform the way we eat.

To purchase a copy of Gene Eating: The Science of Obesity and the Truth About Dieting(Pegasus Books) follow the link.

WORDS: Indira Purushothaman

IMAGE SOURCE: Pegasus Books

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