Daily Dose: High ranking GOP official blasts Mitch McConnell for being shifty

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has come under fire from a top ranking Republican senator for submarine get a bipartisan drug pricing bill that would have made some drugs slightly more affordable. Chuck Grassley criticized McConnell for allegedly telling Senate Republicans not so support the bill.“The president wants it,” Grassley told reporters. “Senate majority leaders, historically, if you’ve got the president of the same party, they tend to be spokesmen for the administration, not against the administration.” http://bit.ly/2s369n3

Homo erectus fossils discovered in Indonesia during the 1930s may be the remains of the last known members of the species. As per The Scientist, “Previous estimates of the fossils’ age ranged widely, from 550,000 to 27,000 years old, but the analysis from Rizal and colleagues suggests the fossils are between 117,000 and 108,000 years old, representing the last known occurrence of H. erectus.” http://bit.ly/2Sdn01r

Talk about despicable. An unknown twitter user repeatedly tagged the Epilepsy Foundation’s twitter account and posted image of flashing or strobe lights. The act was clearly meant to trigger epileptic attacks — many of which can be fatal — among the Foundation’s followers. All this was done during National Epilepsy Awareness Week. It that’s not low, I don’t know what is. http://bit.ly/36QOVrX

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