The Daily Dose: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren go Big Pharma hunting

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Going after Big Pharma is good politics, especially the wanna-be-president kind. Candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have signed onto a letter chastising Novartis. According to FiercePharma, “In a letter to the FDA, five Democrats, led by Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois, blasted Novartis and its AveXis unit for submitting—and failing to quickly disclose—manipulated data that helped its $2.1 million spinal muscular atrophy gene therapy Zolgensma win an FDA approval.” Low-hanging fruit indeed.

According to an online report, insurance companies are not covering the price of Eli Lilly’s cheaper, generic brand of insulin. As per Becker’s Hospital Review, “Eli Lilly announced in March, shortly before the drugmaker was set to be questioned by Congress about the soaring price of the lifesaving drug, that it would begin manufacturing a cheaper, authorized generic version of its rapid-acting insulin Humalog, called Insulin Lispro.” Since then, only 3% of requests have been for Lispro and the remainder for Humalog.

A New York Times article tells the tale of the waterwheel plant that is a widespread invasive species but ironically, it is struggling to survive in its natural habitat.

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