Daily Dose: It’s time to stop political appointees from heading important agencies like the EPA

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency once commissioned its scientists to study the effects of a common pesticide chemical, chlorpyrifos. The experts selected by the EPA concluded that it was harmful and posed a threat to the neurological development of children. The EPA has now backtracked and said that its experts didn’t prove anything. That’s what happens when the people running important agencies are political appointees. Let’s put an end to that, shall we? https://nyti.ms/2XSowKb

The World Health Organization has launched a tool called AWaRE designed to help combat the spread of antibiotic resistance. According to the WHO, “It classifies antibiotics into three groups – Access, Watch and Reserve – and specifies which antibiotics to use for the most common and serious infections, which ones should be available at all times in the healthcare system, and those that must be used sparingly or preserved and used only as a last resort.” Sounds like good old antibiotic stewardship to me. Still, if it helps, go for it. http://bit.ly/2JTjAuD

Elon Musk’s proposed brain-computer interface may seem a bit out-there, but according to neurengineer experts, it’s really not. Musk unveiled his newest technology company, Neuralink, in San Francisco and dropped a white paper about the technology and goals being pursued. According to STAT, “The immediate aim of the San Francisco startup is a system enabling people who are paralyzed to use their thoughts to operate computers and smartphones.” Early successes have already been achieved by other researchers. http://bit.ly/2JNE5cm

A study has shown that women react the same way as men when presented with pornography. It’s nice to know that everyone is, in fact, human. http://bit.ly/2JOpX2p

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