Daily Dose: According to a new study just looking at trees can make you skinny

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A study published in the journal Health & Place suggests that just being able to see a few trees from your window can have beneficial effects on your diet. Specifically, greenery can help tame those torturous cravings for chips, cigarettes, alcohol… You name it. Unfortunately, we may be an exception to that rule. Waistlines don’t lie. http://bit.ly/2JSy9Pd

Most of us value our privacy. It’s been a rallying cry from internet citizens against Big Tech, specifically social media giants like Facebook. The European Union has been the most aggressive in protecting its citizens from social media company overreach. However, is there more to it? Is the EU using the notion of privacy as a backdoor attack on American technology behemoths? Those are some questions presented by this paper. http://bit.ly/2XQ55Sc

A paper published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B has made the controversial claim that gorillas are able to form complex hierarchical societies similar to that of humans. If this is true, the findings “challenges the prevailing notion that such sophisticated societies evolved relatively recently, after humans split from chimpanzees.” It also implies that the behavior goes back at least to the last common ancestor of humans, gorillas, and chimpanzees. http://bit.ly/2JXsdom

The MIT Review has published its annual 35 innovators under 35. Categories are broken down into Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Visionaries, Humanitarians, and Pioneers. It’s inspiring and depressing at the same time. (Hey, we’re just being honest.) http://bit.ly/2JVzHrB

Space travel has always had a pretty significant influence on the Arts, as science fiction and Space Rock have shown. Lately, the fashion world has rediscovered the joys of space-inspired fashion. This incarnation is more aluminum-foil-chic than Barbarella. We reserve judgment. https://nyti.ms/2JSmsrW

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