The Daily Dose: Are you one fecal transplant away from being an elite athlete?

Jet-setters of the world. It’s time to be informed. It’s highly possible you aren’t just bringing tacky souvenirs back home. You’re probably also transporting antibiotic resistant bacteria from one place to the next. A recent study, studied travelers taking trips to Africa and Asia. The researchers report that “our findings highlight the pervasiveness of AMR microbe exchange during international travel.” Fun times.

It’s a dog eat dog world, especially in the Big Pharma industry. In a move that involves two industry heavyweights joining forces, Abbvie has announced that it will acquire Allergan for $63 billion. The deal comes as both companies are facing increasing pressure and second guessing from investors about their growth opportunities.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has encountered a massive spike in methane gas that subsequently disappeared. It is significantly larger than a previous appearance in 2013. Then as now, the exact source of the gas remains a mystery. Methane can be an indicator of life on Mars. Alternatively, the gas can also be produced inorganically.

Can an endangered species evolve itself out of harms way and back to abundance? That’s the question researchers asked when positing the notion of “evolutionary rescue.”

Ever wonder just how different top athletes are from us mere-mortal couch potatoes? Well a study decided to take a look at their microbiomes and were surprised to see something all elite athletes share that we don’t possess. A certain bacteria. According to STAT News, “Levels of the microbe in question, Veillonella, spiked after an intense workout and bloomed even more after the marathon.” SCINQ wonders whether a fecal transplant from an elite athlete can turn us into champions.

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