Daily Dose: The Woman behind the image; Stopping stem cell therapy claims

Wonder Woman: One day after the striking image of a black Hope was revealed, the identity of the researcher responsible has been revealed. 29 year old, Katie Bouman, devised the algorithm responsible for patching together the image. https://bbc.in/2IevIs4

Don’t believe the hype: The American FDA and New York Attorney General have gone after Stem Cell therapy companies that are providing treatments not cleared with the FDA. Another charge being brought up against such companies involved specious claims by the companies offering relief from serious illnesses not treatable through stem cell therapy. http://bit.ly/2X3dBbF

A big small victory: Advocates of affordable drug pricing win a small victory in the halls of Congress this past Monday. With an hour remaining before their 2019 session expired, lawmakers passed a first-of-its kind law to create a state board that could cap payments for ultra-expensive prescription drugs. http://bit.ly/2Iccwel

The Patch: Fe3 Medical is moving forward with a novel was to endure the maintenance of iron in the blood for people under treatment for diseases like COPD, irritable bowl syndrome, and Crohn’s disease. A patch would employ electrical current to deliver iron directly through the skin to treat one of the world’s most common deficiencies. http://bit.ly/2IfO1wI


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