DAILY DOSE: A report on the health of refugees and migrants; Denmark begins building a border wall

Vulnerable and Forsaken: The World Health Organization has issued the first Report on the health of refugees and migrants. According to their findings, “Around 68.5 million people are currently displaced, with 25.4 million of these crossing international boundaries in search of protection. Migrants and refugees are likely to have good general health,” but are at risk of calling sick due to poor living conditions. It’s a particularly timely report considering the massive migrations into Europe from Africa and the Middle East, caravans marching from Latin America into southern American states, and Rohingya refugees living in Bangladeshi refugee camps. http://bit.ly/2SbRpNH

Singapore’s HIV Status Debacle: The HIV-positive stats of nearly 15,000 people has been accidentally leaked online in Singapore. According to health officials, an “unauthorized person’ is responsible for the debacle. The individuals include 5,400 Singaporeans and and 8,800 foreigners. Besides their identities, the leak expose where the individuals work and other sensitive information. http://bit.ly/2HK2TnY

The Sputtering War on Poverty: An op-ed in the New York Times highlights the challenges facing the global campaign against poverty. The authors highlight the fact that data from the World Bank indicates that the rate of extreme-poverty reduction is slowing down. Poor countries have received the lion’s share of development aid and have made strides in improving poverty in their countries. So-called Middle Income countries have received less aid while having massive numbers of poor. This has allowed extreme poverty to become entrenched in countries like China, India, and Brazil which are considered to be growing richer. https://nyti.ms/2HAlCC0

The Next Level of GM: The BBC reports that scientists at Roslin Technologies in Scotland have genetically modified chickens that are able to lay eggs that contain drugs for arthritis and certain cancers. Surprisingly, having chickens produce eggs containing medicine lowers the cost by as much as 100 times. https://bbc.in/2HOY4tB

Build That Wall: Finally, Denmark has decided to build a 70km (43 miles) fence along it’s border with Germany. Officials hope that this will stem the migration of unwanted visitors, namely wild boar. The discovery of two dead wild boar, presumed to have died from African Swine Fever, has set off alarm bells. While harmless to humans, the disease is fatal in pigs and takes only a few days to progress from initial infection to death. There is no cure, unfortunately. Denmark fears the disease could jeopardize the country’s $1.7 billion pork industry. https://bbc.in/2S7P32F

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