DAILY DOSE: DeepMind does it again, this time defeating humans at Starcraft II

Just Pull the Plug: Google’s AI program’s at it again. Making us humans feel a little smaller and more anxious about the future. DeepMind managed to pip Team Homo Sapien again in another complex game. Using a new algorithm called AlphaStar, the AI defeated a group of professional gamers in a ten game set of Starcraft II. DeepMind assembled a resounding victory, winning 10 game while losing only 1. AlphaStar relied on a large neural network to first observe human gameplay and learn from it. Starcraft presented DeepMind with different strategies than it used during past competitions. http://bit.ly/2S4jO8F

Here, There, and Nowhere: Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have discovered the second galaxy seemingly devoid of dark matter. The so-called ultradiffuse galaxies actually bolster scientific arguments for the existence of dark matter. Galaxies are expected to spin at certain speeds — sped up by the presence of dark matter — but the observed galaxy was much slower, something you’d expect if there was a shortage of dark matter. http://bit.ly/2S7lRJ3

Planning for the Future: The Mexican government has taken a stab at cementing a long-term solution to water security in the country. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, the government created water reserves in nearly 300 river basins nationwide, representing 55% of the country’s surface water. The reserves are projected to last for around 50 years. https://wwf.to/2HwGhH6

Two Minutes to Midnight: The world remained two-minutes shy of Armageddon, at least according to the Doomsday Clock. According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, who maintain the measure, “Stalled progress on addressing nuclear threats, lack of action on climate change and a worsening cybersecurity and cyberwarfare situation are of particular concern.” https://go.nature.com/2S4cLwE

IMAGE SOURCE: Screenshot; Creative Commons

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