Kyle Kuzma and the Los Angeles Lakers stunned the Oklahoma Thunder with a 138-128 OT win. It’s been rough seas for the Lakers since Lebron James’ injury sidelined him. Yesterday, they made up for that with a great performance from Kuzma who put up 33 points and a solid outing for Ivica Zubac, who scored a very respectable 26 points.

On the other end of the spectrum were the hapless and hopeless New York Knicks. Playing in an altogether different continent did nothing to change their losing ways. Miserable 4th quarter performances followed them over the pond. Having led for 99.99% of the game (ok, maybe not that much but definitely for most of it), the Knicks still managed to squeak out a loss to the Washington Wizards. Last play? A game losing goal tens. Super. Long live the Dolan Era! Since everyone needs a laugh once in a while.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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