DATA DEPENDENT: The NBA had some gaudy individual numbers last night

What a night for putting up numbers. Almost every category looks a little gaudy, except threes which Steph Curry topped with a modest 7 made out of 14. Eight out of the top ten scorers had 30 or more. LeBron James pulled up the rear with a measles 28 points(!).

Meanwhile, every single rebounder in the top ten grabbed at least 12 rebounds. Twelve! If you just saw the stat and knew nothing else, you’d think they were playing against a league of dwarves. Or not. But you get my point.

Assists was more of the same. Six of ten had 10 assists or more. Darren Collison led with 17 but an obviously very generous LeBron pulled up second with 12 assists. However, if we were to put the assists into perspective, Russell Westbrook had ten assists but also had the most turnovers (4) of the sample group. Darren Collison had the second most turnovers (3).

Finally, of the top ten scorers, Win-Loss came out almost even. Five belonged to teams that won (GSW, LAL, LAC, BOS, OKC) and four that lost (NOP, MIN, WAS, MIA). The Lakers had two players — LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma — on the list.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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