The Daily Dose: Ajit Pai and the FCC believe it’s ok for ISPs to rip you off. That’s that.

Quantifying the harm of AMR: A new European study investigated the incidence, complications, and attributable mortality of antibiotic resistance. The team estimated the burden of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria of public health concern in countries of the EU and European Economic Area (EEA) in 2015, measured in number of cases, attributable deaths, and disability-adjusted life-years (DALYs).

It’s all good: Ajit Pai’s FCC held an annual 2017 report on internet broadband speeds offered by internet providers a year late and added it to the 2018 report. The reports were hidden in the appendix of a 762-page study. As expected, many commercial providers including Verizon, AT&T, and CenturyLink are not providing the data speeds they advertise and people are paying good money for. Apparently, that is a good thing in Mr. Pai’s eyes.

Scientist has gone missing: The Chinese geneticist responsible for the irresponsible genetic modification of two baby girls has gone missing in China. After being escorted back across the border from Hong Kong where he was attending a genetics conference, He Jiankui has not been seen in public and his university is refusing to comment on his whereabouts. The entire episode gets more disturbing by the day.

Vaccine drive proving effective: In the last week of October, Djibouti’s Ministry of Health, working with WHO, UNICEF and other partners, successfully carried out the country’s first polio National Immunization Days (NIDs) since 2015. The results are beginning to filter in and analysis is suggesting that a high percentage of the target population was vaccinated. That includes hundreds of thousands of children. The vaccination drive was in response to a polio outbreak in the Horn of Africa.

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