People are really upset about CRISPRbabies: Another day, another damning report on the CRISPRbabies scandal. This time it’s the Atlantic taking a stab at listing everything that is wrong with the creation of genetically modified babies. Nature provided 6 reasons; the Atlantic goes full on with 15 reasons why He Jiankui’s actions did more harm than good.

Antibiotic resistance’s heavy toll in India: For some time now, it’s been common knowledge that antibiotic resistant bacteria are rampant in India. Due to a combination of shoddy manufacturing, careless waste disposal, and lack of quality oversight, plants are spewing antibiotics into the environment. Add on top of that a growing middle class with increasing access to the drugs which are sold OTC and you’ve got a major problem. Now, extended and multi-drug resistant bacteria are increasingly the cause of mortality in hospitals in parts of India.

Neglected Disease: Leishmaniasis is a serious problem in tropical regions that are also developing regions. In particular the disease causes a significant burden on the populations of countries like Brazil. Leishmaniasis is normally spread via sandfly bites.

A countries hardship extends to its biodiversity: Haiti is often referred to as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. For decades, Haitians have turned to the countries forests as sources of energy. The trees are cut down and used for charcoal that is sold on the streets and open markets. The deforestation is dramatic, particularly when flying over Haiti on the way to the Dominican Republic. The border can be seen as Haiti’s barren land turn into lush green almost immediately. The loss of trees has led to serious soil erosion. It has also dealt a blow to the island nation’s biodiversity.

Agent Provacateur: The artist Robert Morris passed away last week in Kingston, New York. This review of a new solo exhibition of his recent work at Castelli Gallery offers a reminder of how provocative the mercurial agent could be.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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