Elbowing Into the Med Device Industry: In the latest step in China’s push toward developing a global medical device testing program, WuXi App Tec opened a new medical device testing facility in Suzhou, China. Its location in the greater Shanghai area places it among similar operations ranging from 3M to Medtronic to Boston Scientific, all of whom have presences there. http://bit.ly/2Q73sea

Public-Private Collaboration for Asia, Inc.: In more Asian Biotech news, Johnson & Johnson Vision entered a collaborative agreement with the Singapore Eye Research institute. R&D efforts will focus on treating myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness. They will study how the condition develops, how it can be treated, and the public-private partnership will also attempt to develop predictive tools to identify people at risk. http://bit.ly/2Q9HM1

More science news from Asia: China has unveiled its plans, including a full conceptual design for its Circular Electron Positron Collider (CEPC). The CEPC is estimated to cost $5 billion and will study the Higgs boson. The group behind the collider just needs to get the Chinese government, or Chairman Xi at least, to agree to bankroll the machine. http://bit.ly/2PX7NAT

California Wildfires Seen from Space: NASA posted an image of the California fires ravaging the parched terrain. Massive patches of smoke are thick enough to resemble clouds. The sheer size of it drives home how much of the state has been affected by the wildfire. https://go.nasa.gov/2DrvXwo

Spiders on Mars: NASA has designed a novel design for a future lunar lander. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a spider and in that sense, it’s straight out of science fiction. The NASA team developed the arachno-lander using a technique known as generative design. Whatever it’s called, the mock-ups on the moon look awesome. Louise Borgeois would be proud. http://bit.ly/2Dq8UlH

Have a great weekend everyone. Here’s some Ziggy Stardust to take us out.

IMAGE SOURCE: Creative Commons

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