The Daily Dose: Medical schools are falling behind the times and there’s no sign of change

On second thought: A wooden statue that has been on display at a museum in Yekaterinburg, Russia is much older than was originally believed. Originally found in a peat bog, the 5 meter wooden statue is roughly 11,000 years old. For starters, it’s rare that a wooden relic lasts that long without decomposing. Even more amazing, the statue is forcing a re-evaluation of the notion that hunter gatherers did not engage in complex rituals and expression of ideas.

Left behind: Medical schools are failing to adequately prepare their students about the uses of medical marijuana. Whether it’s due to a desire to avoid a controversial topic or a simple unwillingness to adopt the new approach, institutions are excluding a weapon in the pain-killing arsenal at a time when addictive opioid casualties are reaching public health crisis proportions.

A gory find on Peru’s coast: Researchers in a coastal town in Peru have unearthed the remains of the largest example of ritual child sacrifice.Over 140 children were found buried facing the sea on the West. A red cinnabar-based pigment was smeared over their faces and their chests broken open, presumably to make the removal of the heart easier.

Skip the salad, please: The romaine lettuce E. Coli is getting bigger and nobody is sure how many more people will fall ill. 31 new cases were reported, bringing the tally up to 84.

Pick’m: It’s draft day in the NFL. Struggling teams get the chance to sign a possible franchise player to help right the ship and a new class of millionaires come into existence. At least, there’s guaranteed to be no concussions. It’s the first time the Draft will air on broadcast television. Must see TV, I’m sure.

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