The Big Question with Megan Brickley

Megan Brickley is an anthropology professor at McMaster University and holds the Canada Research Chair in the Bioarchaeology of Disease.

She has been engaged in a series of research papers — together with PhD candidate Lori D-Ortenzio — looking at ways that the body records serious deficiencies of Vitamin D — also known as rickets. Vitamin D deficiency affects about 1 billion people worldwide, and can have very serious, permanent effects on health.

What is the biggest question currently facing your field?

How do findings on past human health relate to experiences in the current population.

Why is it significant?

Being able to better link paleopathology to modern health research would yield clearer information on conditions experienced by past individuals, and better understanding of past levels of deficiency would provide a long-term perspective on changing levels of vitamin D deficiency.

Where is the answer likely to come from?

Further collaboration with those working on current dental health.

For more information about Megan Brickley visit her university page.


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