Daily Briefing: Sex addicts, Undertaking queens, Caveat Emptor

Need It, Gotta Have It: Weinstein. Spacey. Halperin. With all the allegations of sexual misconduct swirling around the world, the subject of sexual addiction has reared its head again. And while it’s not entirely clear whether it exists or not, that hasn’t stopped opportunist clinics from jumping on board claiming cures. Mostly, they end up being repurposed twelve step programs. http://cbsn.ws/2z35VxP

Long Live the Queen: Turns out the Queen bee is more than mother and master. She also moonlights as community mortician. A recent paper documents how co-founding queens engage in pathogen prophylaxis by burying other deceased queens. http://bit.ly/2h2KIgK

A Lot of Gas: Just when you probably thought livestock generated greenhouse gases might destroy the world, things get worse. Turns out, calculations were off. A study revises methane emissions factors. The results indicate that gas from cows contribute more than previously thought. http://bit.ly/2z4nD4g

Beginning to Show: For the second winter running, the British Antarctic Research station has been closed due to safety concerns. A growing number of cracks in the 150-meter thick ice shelf has them concerned. Better safe than sorry trumps carrying on in this case. http://bit.ly/2z6peGG

Caveat Emptor: Finally, if predatory journals weren’t bad enough, THE reports on the rise of predatory conferences designed to do one thing and one thing only: rob honest but over-eager junior researchers of their cash. http://bit.ly/2h2HDgi

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