As good or better: Abbvie’s potential psoriasis drug, risankizumab, has posted positive phase 3 results. It outperformed Humira and J&J’s Stelara. With what they paid for it, you’d hope so.

Touchy-feely: Bacteria never cease to amaze. Promiscuous plasmids. Biofilms. Now a study from the University of Basel indicates that the prokaryotes possess a sense of touch.

Influenza seasonality model: Researchers used stochastic modeling and seasonal flu surveillance data to establish that flu pandemics can be predictable according to seasonality.

Perfect weather for malaria: A recent study reinforces the theory that malaria transmission and mosquito biting are temperature dependent. However, optimal temperature range remains up for debate.

Selfie studies: Investigating the Self has long been the terrain of philosophy. Now, scientists are attempting to introduce some empirical discipline to the field, by integrating psychology, neuroeconomics, embodied cognition, and social neuroscience.


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