MONO: “.” by girl in red.

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WHO: girl in red.

WHY IT’S HOT: At first, this song sounds like summer but a close listen to the words clearly indicates that it does not. “When I see you with her/It only gets worse/And, oh, how it hurts/I can’t say ’cause I’m all out of words.” She goes on to declare, “It’s been so hard ever since you broke my heart/ But I’ll never tell/Honey, I’m not doing so well.” Clearly, she is struggling with a break-up but not in the cookie-cutter narratives that permeate pop music – jilted lover says “I hate you” or jilted lover says “I still love you” or jilted lover says “I hate you but I’m so noble that I hope the best for you.” “.” is about someone who is heartbroken and in a bad space but, like most of us, working through her feelings until she emerges on the other good side. The summer-y vibe I mentioned at the beginning is also striking in that it embodies one of the best lines in the song “Lost on this earth/Just floating around/Someone help me down/It’s been so hard ever since you broke my heart.” By the time you reach the end of the song, carried the entire time by a lightly driving beat and some ethereal guitar work, you’re left with a sense of melancholy.

WANT MORE? Preceding girl in red by more than half a century, John Lennon penned a song of desperation cloaked in a chippy pop song. It was a cry for help and he always admitted as much.

WORDS: brice.

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