MONO: “Pirates” by Shabba Ranks featuring Cocoa Tea.

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THE SONG: Pirates.

WHO: Shabba Ranks featuring Cocoa Tea.


When this dropped, Shabba was in the midst of a run of blazing hot singles and dubplates that will probably never again be matched as far as pure cultural impact. His songs were everywhere all the time and his combination of lyrics, voice, and stage show put him at the top of the pile during dancehall’s Golden Age.

Some may argue who was the top Don amongst the talented trio at the time between Shabba, Ninja, and Supercat, and they all had valid claims to the title.  However,  Shabba had the most “pelts” via radio hits back inna Yard and inna foreign. Because of this, he claims the title by default, and “Pirates” was a good example of why.

WANT MORE?  Vintage Shabba on “Champion Lover”.

WORDS: Greg Cee.

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