MONO: “Lady Rain” by Rogér Fakhr.

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THE SONG: Lady Rain.

WHO: Rogér Fakhr.

WHY IT’S HOT: Okay. I’m gonna do something dirty here. I’m gonna rip the track’s description straight from Bandcamp because I knew nothing about this track or the circumstances behind it before running into it online. I don’t wanna fake it either. So props to Alex Heigl for his wonderful write-up:

“As Rogér Fakhr’s Fine Anyway rambles amicably through dirt road balladry, a listener who knows nothing about its creator or creation could mistake it for another 1970s private press rarity like Jeff Cowell’s Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold. Then a short thumbnail of a song, ‘Keep Going,’ shatters the illusion, as Fakhr’s lone sung Arabic verse on the record is overtaken by the sounds of sirens and gunfire. Learning that the record was cut partially in Beirut in 1977 amidst the Lebanese Civil War (as well as in Paris), Fakhr’s deft hand with a sound worlds away from his own becomes all the more astonishing. Listening to the record’s dusty melancholy again through that lens, Fine Anyway‘s title begins to strike you as less resigned than defiant.”

WANT MORE? Check out… the rest of the album.

WORDS: brice. (sorta)

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